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Internship at Teqram

Do you have a strong desire to have a internship in an energetic scale-up environment where the sky is the limit? We at Teqram (part of Tollenaar Industries) are working on revolutionary breakthroughs in vision guided robotics and autonomous manufacturing. We are growing rapidly and looking for an intern where we can learn from. U can learn from us, we can learn from you! We offer you a great environment where you can work with the brightest minds and can make a BIG difference, even as an intern!

Who are we?

We are Teqram, nice to meet you! Teqram is the global pioneer in “vision guided robotics” and autonomous factories. We are radically increasing the flexibility of industrial robots and autonomous factories. We build the intelligence and hardware to give robotic systems perfect “hand-eye” coordination.

Or culture is best described as informal, dynamic and social. All doors are always open and you too will probably have a daily interaction with the founders. Those guys are eager to listen to your ideas and want to move forward, together with you and the team. Experience is great, creative ideas and the drive to realize them is even greater. Will you join and strengthen our team? We will give you the chance to be part of something unique.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"​ - Arthur C. Clarke

Who are we looking for?

First of all, you are a bright mind who likes to team up with other bright minds. “I’ve never done it before, tell me how to tackle it and I think I can do it” fully applies to you. When brainstorming, you are eager to understand but also are brave enough to share your ideas. You are a fast self-learner and a sympathetic colleague who enjoys helping team-members.

Why do an internship at Teqram?
First off all: a HUGE challenge and the chance to work with, and learn from, te best. You will have the opportunity to choose your own topic and, in consultation, make it a challenging internship. Besides all that you’ll work in a highly technical and creative scale-up environment with a diverse mix of colleagues. You will be a part of an international company with a range of educational (or career 😉) opportunities.



If to do an internship at Teqram, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

In case you want to see some cool robotics, have any questions up front don’t hesitate to give Martin, our recruiter, a call at +31619362826. Or connect with Martin through LinkedIn and start a chat!

Acquisition in response to this internship is not appreciated.